Energy Matters with iPIPE

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Energy Matters with iPIPE

iPIPE Leader Jay Almlie discusses pipeline safety projects with Scott Hennen, Host of KFYR's Energy Matters

The iPIPE project was recently awarded the well-deserved 2018 Industry Innovation award by the Williston Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute at their annual awards banquet last week.  “The iPIPE consortium is honored to be nominated by its peers for the Industry Innovation Award. We truly believe that this program can change the message on pipelines. We eagerly welcome other pipeline operators to join our effort,” said Almlie. Oil and gas operations are embracing digital technologies that solve critical challenges in the petroleum industry. These best practices are destined to enhance safety in the global oil and gas industry. Almlie sat down with radio host Scott Hennen of KFYR AM last week to discuss the iPIPE program and its consortium partners. KFYR's Energy Matters program is a staple in the Bakken region of North Dakota, updating the public on important issues such as pipeline safety.  The iPIPE program is coordinated by Almlie and the EERC (Energy and Environmental Research Center)  and funded by its members:

Satelytics is thrilled to have been chosen for the first (2018) and second (2019) rounds of demonstration projects. “iPIPE is pleased to be engaged with Satelytics in further developing their promising technology for use in the challenging space of leak detection for liquids gathering pipelines,” said Jay Almlie, Principal Engineer and Mid/Downstream Oil & Gas Group Lead with the Energy & Environmental Research Center at the University of North Dakota. “Satelytics has been a wonderful partner, absorbing a great deal of feedback to tune the product to tightly match the needs of pipeline operators. iPIPE hopes these efforts eventually lead to a valuable tool in the toolbelt for operators of gathering pipelines.”

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A special thanks to Flag Family Media; KFYR AM 550, and its affiliate stations WZFG AM 1100, KLTC AM 1460, and KTGO AM 1090 for allowing us to redistribute this segment of Energy Matters.

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