Solving Problems for our Customers.

Oil & Gas Solutions, Power Utility Connections, Water & Wastewater Management, Pipeline Services

Solving Problems for our Customers.

At the core of what drives our team at Satelytics is one simple sentence: "Solve for our Customers." We listen carefully to you and strive to innovate and provide extraordinary solutions to your toughest business challenges. We identify problems before they become disasters: environmentally, financially, or otherwise.

Satelytics is big data software as a service (SaaS) that allows companies like yours to monitor assets on the ground, analyzes big data, and alerts you to potential threats. You will have greater control over environmental impact, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and you will be able to allocate resources more effectively.

Satelytics’ science synthesizes huge amounts of data into web-accessible dashboards, actionable alerts, and rich visualizations via a powerful API. Satelytics can detect:

  • Hydrocarbon leaks
  • Infrastructure threats
  • Water quality and produced water issues
  • Biological and chemical constituents on both land and water
  • Change events
  • Vegetation health, and much more.

The company uses its cutting-edge technology to solve critical business challenges over many industries. Using multi- and hyperspectral data and proprietary algorithms, Satelytics offers unparalleled opportunities to use remote sensing and machine learning innovation in the business world. Satelytics has twelve issued remote sensing algorithm patents and products as well as a client list featuring some of the largest energy, utility, and environmental consultancy companies in the world.

Our industry is about big data. Using high resolution spectral imagery from satellites, drones, nano or micro-satellites, planes and fixed cameras, we can access remotely collected data over the majority of the planet’s surface. Our expertise is distilling that big data down into critical action points and easily digestible data visualizations for our customers. We solve for you.

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