We analyze billions of pixels, but you only need to see the important ones.

Oil & Gas Solutions, Power Utility Connections, Water & Wastewater Management, Pipeline Services, The Environment

We analyze billions of pixels, but you only need to see the important ones.

You have operations spread across long distances with production facilities in remote locations, as well as in environmentally sensitive or high consequence areas. Your dream is to have it work flawlessly across all of the processes. No breakdowns, no failures, no leaks—lots of profit. But when reality strikes, you realize you need a good look at the big picture.

What better way to see it all than with our powerful, easy-to-use software?

Satelytics combines spectral data with big data analytics to provide large-scale observation of your operational areas. Satelytics applies robust and repeatable methodologies to look for problems and monitor assets.

Conditions and constituents we analyze:

  • High Consequence Areas (Oil, Gas & Power)
    • Right-of-Way Changes
    • Vegetation Issues: Tree Height, Tree Speciation, Vegetation Health
    • Land Use Classification
    • Encroachment Analysis
    • Change Detection
    • Land Movement
    • Liquid Leak Detection
    • Methane Detection; Leaks and Flow Rate
  • Water Quality
    • Surface Water Temperature
    • Nutrients in Water: Chlorophyll-a and Phosphorus
    • Metals in Water:  Arsenic, Barium, Copper, Iron, Manganese
    • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
    • Cyanobacteria (Phycocyanin)
    • Water Temperature
    • Bathymetry
  • Watershed Analysis: Total Phosphorus in Water and on Land
  • Green Infrastructure Health and Vitality 

The science behind Satelytics' cloud-based solutions alerts customers to problems with assets that are easy to miss with traditional monitoring. We can issue alerts (using customizable thresholds) to mobile devices or other software via a flexible API. You view your data in an interactive, user-friendly, web-accessible dashboard.  

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