Bond . . . James Bond???

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Bond . . . James Bond???

Toledo, OH – March 13, 2020. Most people when they hear the word “bond” they think James Bond, you know, 007. But for Satelytics’ customers working on remediation projects, “bond” has a completely different meaning, a financial meaning. Remediation is shared business problem for our clients in oil and gas industries as well our power generation friends. When a natural disaster causes damage to environment or just upgrading of infrastructure, our clients are required to document that vegetation is on the path to complete recovery before their bonds are released to them. Satelytics’ platform applies high power computing, geospatial analytics, AI, and spectral analysis to not only detect but also quantify damage and then provide growth measurement tools for the re-vegetation efforts afterwards.


Satelytics detected a land slip in the ROW and notified the owner preventing further damage.


Satelytics measures tree height in a transmission line ROW and will notify personnel when growth begins to interfere with infrastructure.


Our vegetation algorithms provide confirmation to authorities that planted tree growth is meeting bond requirements in a remediation zone.

Satelytics counts as some of its treasured customers The Southern Company, Duke Energy, American Transmission Corporation, American Electric Power, and Georgia Power.  These visionaries have adopted the Satelytics geospatial analytics across multiple business groups to address tough environmental and remediation challenges. The benefit in most cases is individual but when you combine these different problems across multiple business groups within a company, the cost of the imagery data is shared. In the remote sensing industry where data is gathered from aerial platforms be it satellite, drone, aircraft, or other, the cost of the imagery is the biggest portion of a project. Shared costs equal greater financial efficiency for your organization and its business units!

Maverick Raber, Manager Environmental Services for Duke Energy had this to say about our services.

“Satelytics provides a unique an innovative approach to data analysis. The use of satellite imagery as an analytical tool allows us to peer into the past, evaluate changes over time, and provides cost savings over development of complicated and expensive models.” 

Consider using Satelytics for your complex remediation problems today!

Satelytics Inc., is a cloud-based geospatial analytics software suite.  Multi or hyper-spectral imagery is gathered from satellites, UAV, planes, and fixed cameras, and processed to provide both alerts and qualitative results for our customers. Data can be gathered on up to a daily basis and results sent to customers in hours. This includes the specific problem, location, magnitude, and even qualitative information, which minimize cost, impact, and operational disruption for our clients.

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