U.S. Oil Production Sets New Output Record in 2019

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U.S. Oil Production Sets New Output Record in 2019

Toledo, OH – March 2, 2020, Year-long results published by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed crude oil production reached a new record output level of 12.23 million bpd, a growth of 11% over 2018. Texas accounts for nearly 41% of national output with the heavy development being seen in the Permian basin the past few years. Texas is followed by Gulf of Mexico, North Dakota, and New Mexico crude production, all of which set annual records in 2019. Interestingly the New Mexico portion of the Permian saw 36% growth which is quietly turning that state into a major player in the U.S. energy industry. 

2019-US-oil3.png#asset:10084U.S. Oil Production


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nm-leak.png#asset:10081Hydrocarbon leak alert.

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