The Magnificent Seven, you thought it was a 60’s western . . .

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The Magnificent Seven, you thought it was a 60’s western . . .

Just like the gunfighters hired to protect townspeople in the 1960 hit western The Magnificent Seven, Satelytics’ electrical utility customers are hiring our “software defenses” to protect and minimize consequences on their infrastructure!

Our clients are adapting their traditional labor-reliant routines to include geo-spatial analytics. Here is our “magnificent seven” for right of way (ROW), facilities, and shoreline management:

  • Vegetation management for growth, decline, and focused cutting
  • Tree Speciation, identifying vegetation which might pose risk
  • Tree height for efficient cost-conscious focused cutting programs
  • Vegetation health, overall health or specifically in the growing season
  • The two “R’s” remediation and restoration, how effective, and have thresholds been achieved for release of financial bonds
  • Sub aquatic vegetation, hydrilla, where, how much, and early detection which is essential to managing waterways
  • Burn scar analysis, impact of wildfire and identifying risks, potential landslips or slides from lack of vegetation
Satelytics tools.

Satelytics tools.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimated electrical outages are costing the economy $150 billion annually [1]. The most common cause of power interruptions is environmental in nature. Utilities and researchers both agree that vegetation management is the number one way to mitigate environmental impact to infrastructure.

An interesting case study is the August 14, 2003 blackout, the worst on record for U.S. and Canadian utilities. The incident was started initially by overloaded power lines that begin to droop into overgrown vegetation along a ROW. According to the U.S. – Canada Power System Outage Task Force Final Blackout Report, “the outage affected an area with an estimated 50 million people and 61,800 megawatts (MW) of electric load in eight states and the Canadian province of Ontario. The total cost estimate for impacts to life and business in the U.S. ranged between $4 billion and $10 billion dollars” [2].

2003 northeast blackout [3].

2003 northeast blackout [3].

Satelytics vegetation management tools can monitor, measure, and pinpoint, exactly where you need to focus your efforts. This removes the “Painting the Golden Gate bridge routine”, where, once you have finished you have to start all over again! Satelytics’ application directs our customers to those areas that need attention only, resulting in cost efficient actions only in threatened areas. Our platform, uses AI to alert you to risks ahead of them becoming reality! Our analytics provide threat alerts in a matter of minutes, without having to hire a team of vigilantes! 

Yule Brynner, Steve McQueen . . . The Magnificent Seven

Yule Brynner, Steve McQueen . . . The Magnificent Seven

Satelytics Inc., is a cloud-based geospatial analytics software suite.  Multi or hyper-spectral imagery is gathered from satellites, UAV, planes, and fixed cameras, and processed to provide both alerts and qualitative results for our customers. Data can be gathered on up to a daily basis and results sent to customers in hours. This includes the specific problem, location, magnitude, and even qualitative information, which minimize cost, impact, and operational disruption for our clients.

Toledo, OH – April 10, 2020. For more information, contact David Dunham,, (o) (419) 728 0060 extension #101,  (c) (701) 213 0294.


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