Marketing Communications Specialist

Satelytics is seeking an experienced marketing leader capable of contributing significantly to the strategy, operations, and direction of our marketing department. This leader must be capable of developing on-brand marketing content for a truly disruptive software company. The content must simultaneously educate our customers and command the language by which the new market is defined.

The position will involve social media content creation, creative writing, and graphic material composition (infographics, video content, and animation) to educate present and future customers on many aspects of our software and its application. The successful applicant must demonstrate a capability to understand our software and target markets well, then determine messages that will educate and highlight our benefits to each of several market segments. The successful applicant must also possess the professionalism, maturity, and experience to contribute in ways that fit the organization’s carefully-crafted branding efforts to be the recognized leader in our space. This position has tremendous potential for growth within three years.

Satelytics is a small, disruptive technology company experiencing tremendous growth in revenue, profit, and customer base, which presents challenges and opportunities not found anywhere else. We are a small, cohesive team laser-focused on the goal of positioning Satelytics as the premium brand of geospatial analytics for the energy industry. We are hard-driving, but the rewards are many and multi-faceted.


Paid Time off
401(k) Matching
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Health Insurance
Fun, exciting place to work and grow

Job Duties

  • Promote articles posted twice weekly via multiple social media platforms.
  • Enhance brand awareness via frequent social media posts.
  • Harvest social media follower data for incorporation into the customer relationship management database.
  • Comment productively on partners’ social media postings to boost our visibility.
  • Document monthly the performance of social media postings, direct email campaigns, video hosting sites, and our website.
  • Create new graphic materials to reinforce our key messages.
  • Edit, format, obtain approval for, and post educational articles twice weekly.
  • Document mentions of our brand across all media.
  • Assist in the formulation of plans to create customer behavior reinforcement efforts.
  • Partner with the Chief Marketing Officer to define and manage a strategic roadmap for the department.
  • Manage exhibition booth logistics and execution.
  • Work with internal departments to ensure consistent messaging is reinforced continuously.
  • Participate in other roles across the organization, as required


  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or equivalent experience.
  • 3-5 years of experience in marketing and communications, or equivalent.
  • Experience in a software or energy company is preferred.
  • Strong desire to grow with the department in a fast-paced company atmosphere.
  • Demonstrated maturity in understanding the nuances of messaging our disruptive technology.


  • Hard Skills
    • Proficiency with social media platforms.
    • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud suite of graphic and video tools
    • Experience with MailChimp email marketing platform.
    • Superior professional writing skills.
  • Soft Skills
    • Attention to detail.
    • Excellent interpersonal relations skills.
    • Self-motivated
    • A “do-er” mentality with savvy humility