How Satelytics Works

The Amazing Science and Technology Behind Satelytics


Data Acquisition

Satelytics takes in multi and hyperspectral data from a variety of third party sources including enterprise satellite data providers using conventional and nano-satellite arrays, plane or drone aerial imagery, and fixed or persistent camera platforms.

Planet Earth
  • Satellite


  • Nano-Satellite


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  • Fixed/Persistent Platform

    Fixed/Persistent Platform


Visible light and other portions of the electromagnetic spectrum from the sun are reflected off of objects and materials on Earth and into an aerial or spaceborne sensor. Sensors using energy from the sun or from other ambient sources are called passive sensors. By contrast, sensors that provide their own energy source, like radar and lidar, are called active sensors.

  • UV
  • Visible Light
  • NIR
  • SWIR
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Detection Bands Liquid Hydrocarbon Produced Water Building Encroachment


The sensor detects a limited number of bands, or parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and collates them into data layers that Satelytics can process.

Cameras are one type of sensor that detects the visible spectral bands—red, green, and blue—that compose a standard digital photograph. Multi and hyperspectral sensors collect many more bands that are often part of the infrared and non-visible portions of the spectrum.

Analyzing multiple bands can reveal data values pertaining to the specific phenomena that we’re visualizing.

Select a constituent or phenomenon, and we'll show you example bands on the electromagnetic spectrum above that we use to detect it.


Satelytics applies complex algorithms to isolate the spectral signatures of objects and phenomena contained in the data, or the pixels, of an image.

Using different bands and computing techniques, our scientists can determine whatever it is we’re observing using its spectral signature. This science of gathering and analyzing information from a distance is known as remote sensing.

Graph of Spectral Signatures


Satelytics processes petabytes of data comprising thousands of individual aerial or satellite images and builds a repository of spectral signatures. We can then use Satelytics to run detection algorithms or render that data into interactive displays, alerts, and visualizations.

Using a process called machine learning, data can also be used to train Satelytics how to recognize certain phenomena and automate complex analyses that used to require human input.

  • Liquid Hydrocarbon Detected

    Satelytics has detected a liquid hydrocarbon signature at location -10.417015, 105.674261.

  • Produced Water Detected

    Satelytics has detected a produced water signature at location -10.417015, 105.674261.

  • Building Encroachment Detected

    Satelytics has detected a building signature at location -10.417015, 105.674261.

The Satelytics Cloud

Satelytics conducts all of its data acquisition, analysis, processing, and rendering on our satelytics cloud platform hosted and secured by Amazon Web Services.

The platform integrates with imagery providers to automatically acquire imagery, run analyses, and render the data in a variety of output formats for your organization to consume.

Data is Collected

Data is collected using a variety of methods including satellites, drones, and other aerial platforms.

  • Satellite
  • Nano-Satellite
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  • icon_drone
  • Fixed/Persistent Platform
    Fixed/Persistent Platform
  • Mobile
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  • Desktop
    Web Dashboards

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  • Cloud
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    Using a rich and featureful API

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    Audits & Reports

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Analyzed & Synthesized

Data is analyzed by the Satelytics cloud and sent as alerts to mobile devices, web dashboards, or made available via API.

Dashboards, Alerts, & APIs

Use the Satelytics dashboard to interact with rich data visualizations. See data at an instant, compare locations over time, and continuously monitor your infrastructure from behind a desk or mobile device.

You can also set customizable alert thresholds to be sent via mobile SMS or to other web enabled devices and software via a featureful API.

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