Detect Methane and Oil Leaks with Satelytics

Satelytics uses satellite data to detect leaks, threats, and changes to oil & gas infrastructure and allows operators to focus their efforts and mitigate risk.

Satelytics Dashboard

Detect and Receive Alerts to Potential Leaks

Satelytics uses multi and hyperspectral satellite/aerial imagery to detect pipeline, well, and platform leaks in the most remote regions over thousands of miles or terrain or water. Using the power of cloud computing, Satelytics uses complex, machine learning algorithms to process imagery and render it into usable dashboards, timely alerts, and actionable insights about your oil & gas infrastructure.

  • Pipeline Leak Detection

    Use Satelytics to detect oil and methane leaks along thousands of miles of natural gas and oil pipelines.
  • Methane Leak Detection

    Satelytics is the only commercially available methane detection service that can help you pinpoint leaks along pipelines and down to individual wells.
  • Offshore Leak Detection

    Use satellite imagery and Satelytics to survey thousands of miles of offshore oil & gas assets for oil leaks and suface slicks.
  • Rank and Prioritize

    Satelytics can highlight potential leak-causing risks that need your attention and rank them by priority allowing you to more effectively mitigate that risk.
  • Receive Timely Alerts and Notifications

    Receive timely alerts to potential leaks as soon as they're discovered allowing you to deploy your remediation teams more quickly to minimize interruption to operations, regulatory consequences, and damage to the environment.

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