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GEOi, Ltd. Partners with Satelytics to Bring Leading Edge Geospatial Analytics Solutions to Europe and the Middle East

Satelytics has partnered with GEOi in the UK to promote our software across Europe and the Middle East, focusing on the oil & gas, mining, water, and agricultural sectors. Steve Saunders, the founder of GEOi, has spent 20 years in the oil & gas sector, having worked at bp and ADNOC in global senior executive roles across commercial and marketing. His knowledge of the sector and insights into the energy transition, coupled with the growth of ESG compliance and monitoring, have added to growth outside of the US. GEOi is a disruptor to the geophysical sectors, using big data and innovative analytical approaches to reveal new insights that increase revenue for these industry interests, while also decreasing their environmental impact.

GEOi is currently serving as a bridge between Satelytics and European companies not yet aware of the advanced capabilities of geospatial analytics in addressing industry’s most pressing challenges.

Satelytics, Inc., founded in 2015, is a US software company offering geospatial analytics for its customers’ toughest challenges. Data acquired from satellites is processed through the engine to alert, locate, and quantify risk in the operator’s corridor and adjacent lands. Satelytics addresses industry challenges such as pipeline leak detection, acid mine drainage, vegetation management, land movement, encroachments, pipeline commodity theft, and changes in the corridor that might present risk. Results are delivered within hours of capturing the data and presented as text and email alerts.

Troy Ross
Satelytics is by far the best in the business, and we are really excited to be their regional partner this side of the pond. The game-changing work they have done to use clever science to detect some of the world’s most pressing issues, helping energy companies run more efficiently while mitigating potential disasters through the use of satellite data, is quite extraordinary. Satelytics’ focus on the customer while delivering accurate and timely insights makes them a key component of any company serious about delivering against Net Zero targets through the energy transition.
— Steve Saunders, Founder & CEO of GEOi
Sean Donegan
We are thrilled to partner with fellow industry disruptor, GEOi. Satelytics can provide their customers in Europe and the Middle East with our extensive geospatial analytics services — allowing them to mitigate risk, track emissions, and much more. In an era of increasing regulations and tensions within the industrial sectors we serve, this partnership will enable customers to meet and surpass their environmental goals.
— Sean Donegan, President & CEO of Satelytics


Founded: 2020

Service Area: Europe, Middle East, & Asia

Clients: Over 30