Pipeline ROW Assessment Using Remote Sensing

Pipeline ROW Assessment Using Remote Sensing

Petroleum products must travel great distances in pipelines—often through rugged terrain—before they can be access in a retail environment. Pipeline operators are granted right-of-way to the properties that they cross, and must safely maintain that right-of-way. Unfortunately, many very serious accidents occur because of excavation damage–digging into a pipeline without first “dialing 811—call before you dig.” Between 1988 and 2008, over a third of serious accidents were caused by excavation damage. Other issues surrounding pipeline integrity are environmental changes, (stream erosion, land use changes), population growth (ever expanding population), and encroachments (man-made objects within the right-of-way).

Satelytics is excited to announce new technology that is making it possible to completely change the way pipeline companies conduct right-of-way assessment.

Utilizing new image acquisition platforms known as nano-satellites or UAVs (drones) empowers Satelytics to acquire high-resolution, lower cost imagery with frequent revisits. Our automated change detection system can alert pipeline operators the geographic location of where trouble might lie. Satelytics processes remotely acquired imagery (collected by satellite, aerial or UAV) to serve pipeline operators with solutions that enhance safety, increase uptime and mitigate risk.

Utilizing intelligent remote sensing technologies is a paradigm shift that is occurring in industries around the globe. Traditional methods of manually collecting information then using humans for analysis are costly and prone to operator error. With proven methods for automated change detection, encroachment analysis, land use classification, population change detection, and stream and river bank erosion, Satelytics can help cut costs while providing the reliable, precise data needed to maintain right-of-way integrity. Satelytics provides the most current information available on the status of a pipeline directly to the client’s desktop, laptop and/or mobile device.

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