Satelytics is a cloud-based geospatial analytics software suite.

Multi or hyper-spectral imagery gathered from satellites, UAV, planes, and fixed cameras alerting our customers in oil and gas, power, pipeline, rail, mining and water to identify operational challenges as early as possible. Pinpointing the specific problem, its location and magnitude, is critical to minimizing cost, impact, and operational disruption

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Serving the World’s Most Critical Industries

Satelytics helps some of the world’s most critical industries including oil & gas, pipeline, power, and water/wastewater.

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Monitor facilities for oil and natural gas leaks, monitor remediation programs for regulatory compliance, and identify contamination risks.


Identify high consequence areas, scan for hydrocarbon leaks, and monitor thousands of miles of pipeline for potential threat and vegetation management.

Power Utilities

Visualize thermal plumes near power stations, monitor post-combustion waste sites, and monitor thousands of miles of right-of-way for vegetation management.

Water & Wastewater
Water & Wastewater

Sample entire bodies of water at once for a variety of constituents, monitor green infrastructure, and see point sources on land that threaten water resources.

Satelytics Takes Data From Any Source

Satelytics uses multi and hyperspectral data from sensors attached to many different types of aerial and satellite platforms.

Data are Collected

Data are collected using a variety of methods including satellites, drones, and other aerial platforms.

  • Satellite
  • Nano-Satellite
  • icon_airplane
  • icon_drone
  • Fixed/Persistent Platform
    Fixed/Persistent Platform
  • Mobile
    Mobile Alerts

    Text message alerts sent to your phone

  • Desktop
    Web Dashboards

    Accessible via any web browser

  • Cloud
    Your Applications

    Using a rich and featureful API

  • Reports
    Audits & Reports

    Helping you stay compliant

Analyzed & Synthesized

Data are analyzed by the Satelytics cloud and sent as alerts to mobile devices, web dashboards, or made available via API.

Learn the Science Behind Satelytics

How Satelytics Works

Make Better Decisions

More accurate data means better decisions, greater operational efficiency, cost reductions, and mitigated risk.

Collect and analyze thousands of miles worth of data, no area is too large.

Analyze a ten square mile lake, or thousands of miles worth of pipeline and electrical transmission right-of-ways. Satelytics is built to process terabytes of imagery down into actionable insights and scale with your business needs.

Bar Chart
Take millions of measurements without leaving your desk.

Say goodbye to point sampling and manual inspection. With satellite or aerial data, every pixel is a datapoint. Map and visualize values over your total area of interest so you can make better decisions on more complete data.

Alert Bell
Continuously monitor areas of concern and get alerts to critical issues.

Satelytics allows you to automatically monitor your area of interest and receive alerts using customizable thresholds to your phone, email, or other software via our API.

Good Cycle
Rank and prioritize risk, and better direct your in-the-field resources.

Rather than conducting random or continuous manual inspections, Satelytics alerts you to areas where problems arise and where to direct your in-the-field resources for maintenance and repair.

Respond to threats more quickly to better minimize consequences.

Automatically monitor your area of interest and get alerts using customizable thresholds to your phone, email, or other software via our API.

Better Decisions as a Service

Satelytics is software as a service. That means continuous updates and ongoing support, but the data are always yours to keep.

Data Download
We work with data providers for you, or you can bring your own.

We’ll acquire imagery, task satellites, and schedule flyovers anywhere on the planet, anytime, but you can also bring your own data! As long as it meets the requirements of our platform, Satelytics can parse it.

Data is processed on the cloud and is yours to keep.

Data is streamed to the Satelytics cloud platform where its processed on our AWS-hosted scalable architecture. Access your data anywhere, anytime through the web or via API, or download to keep.

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Built-in machine learning helps you make better decisions.

Satelytics comes built-in with marchine learning capabilities. As more data are collected, Satelytics can identify patterns and recognize complex phenomena that used to require a human touch.