Big data analytics for oil & gas, pipeline, power, and water.

Satelytics is a big data tool that allows you to monitor your assets on the ground and alert you to issues. Reduce costs, mitigate risk, and spend effectively with Satelytics.

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  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Utilizing proprietary algorithms to prevent potential encroachments, determine levels of compliance and assist in environmental restoration.

  • Pipeline


    Providing a more cost-effective solution for mapping pipelines and monitoring urbanization with automatic change detection in pipelines.

  • Power Utilities

    Power Utilities

    Using current and historical data to monitor water temperature, fly ash and nutrients to efficiently and effectively serve our customers.

  • Water & Wastewater

    Water & Wastewater

    We provide five samples for every acre allowing you to pinpoint areas where water problems are occurring with laboratory testing accuracy.

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Wow! I am amazed at the seasonal and annual changes that your satellite images provided across our areas of concern. You’ve sold your technology to me! We would be foolish not to acquire additional imagery analysis.

Dr. James Chatham Technology Specialist in Aqueous Geochemistry - BP

Satelytics' invaluable analysis of satellite imagery helps us ensure that we are confident in the results. It’s a huge cost savings in comparison to field sampling or traditional modeling.

Robin Richards, Principal at Ramboll Environ Robin Richards Principal - Ramboll Environ

This new technology allows my team and me to automate analysis tasks; we get info quicker which allows us to act on it. This is a true representation of forward thinking technology.

Joshua Beard GIS Supervisor - Marathon Pipe Line

Prior to your analysis we were restricted to photopoints on the ground. Your results allowed us a lake-wide perspective. I think that your analysis contributed to our assessment and communication that the general water quality of Lake Britton was improved by our deep water release.

Edward Cheslak, Senior Consulting Scientist at Pacific Gas and Electric Company Edward Cheslak Senior Consulting Scientist - Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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Reduce costs, mitigate risk, and spend effectively with Satelytics.

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