More Accurate Water and Land Analysis from Satellite, Plane, or Drone

Field or electronic sampling can only measure a handful of limited areas meaning you could be missing critical data. Use Satelytics to sample entire bodies or land or water at once.

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Sample Entire Bodies of Land and Water

Field or electronic sampling can only measure one or a few limited areas meaning you could be missing critical data. Use our proprietary algorithms on imagery of the entire body of land or water giving you a complete set of data.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Continuously monitor bodies of water and frequently assess remediation programs to fulfill your reporting obligations to regulatory agencies. Satelytics collects and processes data that can be used to prepare documentation for regulatory filings.

Treat the Cause, not the Symptom

Analyze both land and water to see where biological or chemical constituents are leaching from and causing environmental issues.

  • Metals Analysis

    Detect relative presence or concentrations of metal constituents including copper, iron, arsenic, barium, manganese, and others in both soil and water.
  • Biological and Chemical Analysis

    Detect relative presence or concentrations of biological and chemical constituents including hydrocarbons, phosphorous, salinity, phycocyanin, and others in both soil and water.
  • Vegetation Health

    Measure the health of both terrestrial and subaquatic vegetation and determine the environmental effects of a project or remediation program.
  • Turbidity Measurements

    Measure turbidity over entire bodies of water to ensure regulatory compliance.

Watershed Management

Maintain regulatory compliance and environmental quality by surveying entire watersheds for potential issues and continuously monitor ongoing remediation efforts.

Solve complex business and ecological challenges and ensure investments are effectively spent.

Environmental Health and Safety

Reduce the need to send personnel into dangerous terrain using Satelytics to measure, assess, and report critical infrastructure and environment conditions. Monitor remediation efforts, and continuously assess environmental quality and public safety.

Remediation Program Monitoring

Determine the most appropriate remediation efforts, continuously monitor them for effectiveness, and adjust your monitoring to ensure effective spend, compliance, and corporate conscience.

Litigation Support

Apply our patented algorithms to multi-spectral imagery collected as far back as 1984. The ability to process historical data has enabled our clients to apportion liability in legal cases saving substantial amounts of time, legal effort, and costly penalties.

What our clients are saying See all Clients »

Wow! I am amazed at the seasonal and annual changes that your satellite images provided across our areas of concern. You’ve sold your technology to me! We would be foolish not to acquire additional imagery analysis.

Dr. James Chatham Technology Specialist in Aqueous Geochemistry - BP

Satelytics' invaluable analysis of satellite imagery helps us ensure that we are confident in the results. It’s a huge cost savings in comparison to field sampling or traditional modeling.

Robin Richards, Principal at Ramboll Environ Robin Richards Principal - Ramboll Environ

This new technology allows my team and me to automate analysis tasks; we get info quicker which allows us to act on it. This is a true representation of forward thinking technology.

Joshua Beard GIS Supervisor - Marathon Pipe Line

Prior to your analysis we were restricted to photopoints on the ground. Your results allowed us a lake-wide perspective. I think that your analysis contributed to our assessment and communication that the general water quality of Lake Britton was improved by our deep water release.

Edward Cheslak, Senior Consulting Scientist at Pacific Gas and Electric Company Edward Cheslak Senior Consulting Scientist - Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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