Constant VigilanceTM with Satelytics

Optimize your production with Satelytics. Our forestry capabilities can help you maximize harvest, minimize replanting, and increase your profit by keeping Constant VigilanceTM over your entire timber farm.

Assess Remote Farm Plat Health

Measure tree height, speciation, and general health. Identify areas of poor yield and make corrections where possible. Optimize your silviculture protocol with near real-time data and alerts.

Provide Harvest Signals

Automate your mensuration procedure and harvest when the time is right.

Plan Afforestation Efforts

Identify ideal plats for new forest planting.

Protect Riparian Buffers

Receive alerts about changes in health of protective buffer zones.

Knowledge is power. Use the power of Satelytics to enhance your Environmental Health & Safety functions.
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Employee Safety

Reduce the need to send personnel into dangerous terrain. Detect abnormalities and leaks before they turn into hazardous situations.

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Regulatory Compliance

Reverse the “gotcha” game with regulators. Report on the 99.999% of operations going well, instead of the conversation focus being that 0.001% exception to compliance.

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Remediation Programs

Identify remediation needs and monitor programs to ensure effectiveness and regulatory compliance.

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Filings, Reports, & Audits

Results from Satelytics can be used to prepare documentation from simple filings to extensive audits for regulatory bodies.

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Litigation Support

Wield historical data to apportion liability correctly in legal cases — saving time, effort, and cost.