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Constant VigilanceTM Suite

Our Constant VigilanceTM suite of algorithms extracts maximum business intelligence from a single set of data. This suite addresses vexing problems across your company’s various business units, including:

  • Encroachment Analysis
  • Land Use Identification
  • PFAS Detection
  • Produced Water Leak Detection
  • Theft Detection
  • Vegetation Management
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Chemical Analysis on Land
  • Chemical Analysis in Water
  • Subaquatic Vegetation Measurement
  • Thermal Plume Measurement
  • Green Infrastructure Assessment
  • Liquid Hydrocarbon Leak Detection
  • Change Detection is our secure, cloud-based interface that allows our customers access to the results described above. Access anywhere internet connection is available.

Methane Management

Outside of the standard Constant VigilanceTM suite, Satelytics has developed and validated its methane measurement algorithms. We’ve also developed algorithms to calculate methane leak flow rate at the source.

Land Movement Analysis

Satelytics has the capability of monitoring and measuring land movement that impacts your operations. We can then alert you to dangerous disturbances of soils near your assets.

Satelytics OTG

Satelytics recognizes that your assets are often located far from reliable cellular data coverage, so we’ve created a mobile app you can use anywhere. Take vital alert data into the field and record information about that alert, and later sync that data when you’re back in the office.