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AIMS Joins Satelytics in Promoting Geospatial Analytics Solutions in the Middle East and India

Satelytics is working with Analytical Instrumentation & Maintenance Systems (AIMS) to further expand our geospatial analytics solutions in the oil & gas industry throughout the Middle East and India.

Established in 2008, AIMS is a service-based company with like-minded oil & gas professionals working in the Middle East to provide service and process solutions to the entire Middle Eastern and Indian markets. AIMS specializes in analytical instrumentation products for the industry and is a business partner to manufacturers of process analyzers, providing after-sales support in the region.

AIMS is led by founder and CEO, Zaheer Ahmed Juddy, who brings over 22 years of experience in the analytical and oil & gas fields. Zaheer is a noted expert, having published over a dozen papers on technical, operational, and financial aspects of field instrumentation critical to clients’ operations. He also provides consultancy and training to end users and customers in the oil & gas industry.

Troy Ross
AIMS believes that geospatial analytics provided by Satelytics can greatly enhance AIMS’ capabilities to provide our customers with robust data on their operations, saving those customers time and money.
— Zaheer Ahmed Juddy, Founder & CEO of AIMS
Sean Donegan
We're pleased to work with AIMS to promote the benefits applying geospatial analytics can provide to the oil & gas industry. Early detection and quantification are key elements to any successful monitoring program — catching leaks, encroachments, and other operational disruptions to prevent disasters and costly remediation. Satelytics looks forward to continuing our relationship with the international oil & gas industry, providing solutions for their most pressing challenges.
— Sean Donegan, President & CEO of Satelytics


Founded: 2008

Service Area: Middle East & India