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At the core of what drives our team at Satelytics is one simple sentence: "Solve for our Customers." Putting our customers first is evident from our first interaction. We listen carefully to our customers, pay attention to every detail, and strive to innovate. Throughout your experience, we provide an unprecedented level of support as we deliver solutions to your toughest business challenges.

The Satelytics professional team uses science, software and technology to deliver enormous value to our customers. We have one simple goal: to identify problems before they become disasters, environmentally, financially, or otherwise. And we meet this goal by ensuring that any monies spent in prevention and remediation are direct and effective.

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Our Story

We are the foremost remote sensing leaders with a full staff of Ph.D. level expertise. We use proven science, adept software, and powerful technology to meet the toughest business challenges.

The vision of a global common good. Like many great companies, Satelytics began as the vision of one individual trying to change the world. Our visionary is Dr. Robert K. Vincent, a University of Michigan Doctor of Geology who is responsible for groundbreaking research and development of environmental remote sensing. Dr. Vincent saw a clear connection between his remote sensing technology and the world’s water resources. In 2009, he founded Blue Water Satellite, a company that used his remote sensing technology to improve the environment by monitoring water supplies.

From the Whiteboard to the Boardroom. A group of local investors backed Dr. Vincent’s tenacity to cross the chasm from academia to the business world. Entrepreneur Jeff Twyman, Millstream Angel Fund, and Rocket Ventures met with Dr. Vincent, excited to see just how far Dr. Vincent’s remote sensing technology could be used to solve critical business challenges, not only in the water industry, but also in other industries including as oil and gas, pipeline, and power utilities.

In 2015, Sean Donegan was named Blue Water Satellite's Chief Executive Officer. Armed with experience, a highly focused business model, a customer-driven emphasis, and a highly skilled team of professionals, Blue Water Satellite was renamed Satelytics in March 2016 to reflect the broader applications of Dr. Vincent’s technology.

Today, Satelytics offers unparalleled opportunities to use remote sensing and innovation in the business world. Satelytics has over twelve issued patents on proprietary remote sensing algorithms and products as well as a client list featuring some of the largest energy, utility, and environmental consultancy companies in the world.

We are at the forefront of a remote sensing era. Our industry is about big data. Using high resolution spectral imagery from satellites, drones, nano or micro-satellites, planes and fixed cameras, we have the ability to collect imaging data over the majority of the planet’s surface. Current earth observatory satellites and new image acquisition platforms, such as “nano-satellites”, will empower us to acquire high-resolution imagery with shorter revisit times. The era of near-real-time data analysis of key asset infrastructure is rapidly approaching.

Using this data and our proprietary algorithms, we can detect any number of environmental factors, including oil leaks, water quality, biological and chemical constituents, vegetation health, change events, and population growth. Our expertise is taking that big data and distilling it down into critical action points and easily digestible data visualizations for our customers. This includes raw imagery, dashboards, reports, meta data mobile alerts, and a robust API to link our data with other business applications.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, safety of the environment, and customer service, we are committed to to being the "eye in the sky" for our customers. We look forward to a future where Satelytics is the only platform that businesses turn to for actionable insights and real-time visualizations.

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Wow! I am amazed at the seasonal and annual changes that your satellite images provided across our areas of concern. You’ve sold your technology to me! We would be foolish not to acquire additional imagery analysis.

Dr. James Chatham Technology Specialist in Aqueous Geochemistry - BP

Satelytics' invaluable analysis of satellite imagery helps us ensure that we are confident in the results. It’s a huge cost savings in comparison to field sampling or traditional modeling.

Robin Richards, Principal at Ramboll Environ Robin Richards Principal - Ramboll Environ

This new technology allows my team and me to automate analysis tasks; we get info quicker which allows us to act on it. This is a true representation of forward thinking technology.

Joshua Beard GIS Supervisor - Marathon Pipe Line

Prior to your analysis we were restricted to photopoints on the ground. Your results allowed us a lake-wide perspective. I think that your analysis contributed to our assessment and communication that the general water quality of Lake Britton was improved by our deep water release.

Edward Cheslak, Senior Consulting Scientist at Pacific Gas and Electric Company Edward Cheslak Senior Consulting Scientist - Pacific Gas and Electric Company

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