Our Story

The vision of a healthier planet. Like many great companies, Satelytics began as the vision to change the world. Collaboration at Bowling Green State University resulted in the founding of Satelytics, a company that uses geospatial analytics to improve the environment by monitoring the world’s water supplies.

From the whiteboard to the boardroom. In 2015, Sean Donegan was named Satelytics’ Chief Executive Officer. Armed with experience, a highly focused business model, a customer-driven emphasis, and a brilliant team of professionals, Satelytics was prepared to expand its impact.

Today, Satelytics offers unparalleled opportunities to utilize geospatial analytics and innovation. Satelytics has over 12 issued patents on proprietary geospatial analytics algorithms and products, as well as a client list featuring some of the largest energy, utility, and environmental consultancy companies in the world.

We are at the forefront of an era. Our industry is about big data. With high-resolution spectral imagery from satellites, drones, nanosatellites, planes, stratospheric balloons, and fixed cameras, we have the ability to collect imaging data over the majority of the planet’s surface. Current earth observatory satellites and image acquisition platforms empower us to amass high-resolution imagery with short revisit times.

Using this data and our proprietary algorithms, we can detect any number of environmental factors — including oil leaks, water quality, biological and chemical constituents, vegetation health, change events, and population growth. Our expertise is taking big data and distilling it down into critical action alerts and easily digestible data visualizations for our customers. This includes raw imagery, dashboards, reports, meta data mobile alerts, and a robust API to link our data with other business applications.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, environmental preservation, and customer service, our team at Satelytics is committed to being the "eye in the sky" for our customers. We look forward to a future where Satelytics is the only platform businesses turn to for actionable insights and near real-time visualizations.