Why Satelytics?
Science is our difference
At the heart of Satelytics’ software is our AI-driven algorithms. Our unique brand of geospatial analytics results in Constant VigilanceTM over our clients’ infrastructure, providing answers and solutions to their most pressing industrial challenges.


Miles of power utility distribution lines in the US


Typical annual spills cost for pipeline operators


Pipeline incident costs in the US in 2019


World population affected by arsenic in drinking water


Pipeline incidents reported in the US in 2019

We provide our customers with solutions that are


Science is our difference — processing more and more data fuels AI and its performance. This is illustrated by the vast number of pixels the satelytics.io engine ingests.

Key to ingesting such large volumes of data is the use of artificial intelligence. AI allows us to analyze data quickly, then provide accurate early warnings for our customers, minimizing negative outcomes.

Finding any event in its infancy, locating the source, and determining the extent of the risks are all critical steps in avoiding or minimizing costly consequences.

These consequences include loss of product or services, which directly impact your bottom line. Most corrective and remediation costs involve large sums of money, are impactful on the environment, and escalate dramatically with time.

How Our Skills, Software, and Services Benefit Your Organization

Early detection and alerts — with specifics about location and severity — minimize risk, eases environmental impacts, avoids escalating costs, and lessens the toll of public exposure. Satelytics directs you to the source of the problem with specificity, saving time and money, and directs valuable resources to where their expertise is critical to resolution.


pixels processed


methane pixels processed

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