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Southern Cross Partners with Satelytics to Bring the Best of Leak Detection and More to Utilities

Satelytics is partnering with Southern Cross, a subsidiary of Sparus Holdings, to provide state-of-the-art advanced satellite-based artificial intelligence and geospatial analytics for North America's gas, electric, and water utility sector. Together, we’re combining decades of industry field knowledge and advanced analytics expertise to deliver data-driven asset management solutions for the broader utility industry.

Southern Cross is a leading provider of a complementary suite of outsourced field and professional services for utility and industrial customers with over 76 years of experience providing safe and high-quality field services. With their years of tenure, Southern Cross is the expert in utility leak detection over vast distribution systems, finding and grading methane leaks.

Satelytics produces geospatial analytics for early detection, location, and quantification of our customers’ most pressing challenges. Our mission is centered on finding events in their infancy, locating the source and the extent of risks, knowing this is the critical step in avoiding or minimizing costly consequences, including loss of product or services. We are excited to see what we can achieve together with Southern Cross to benefit the utility industry!

Troy Ross
We are extremely pleased to partner with Satelytics and bring artificial intelligence-based geospatial analytics solutions to the utility sector. We believe this technology is changing the industry’s ability to identify and quantify disruptions and abnormal conditions. This partnership with Satelytics is a critical step in helping the energy sector improve safety, reduce leak-related losses, and promote advanced data-driven monitoring programs.
Richard Summers, President and CEO of Sparus Holdings
Sean Donegan
Satelytics is very excited to partner with Southern Cross and their best-in-field expertise for natural gas leak surveying, assessment, and grading. Southern Cross is keen to greatly improve the speed and efficiency of its operations using a world-first data-driven approach. This is an ideal partner for a disruptive company such as ours.
— Sean Donegan, President & CEO of Satelytics

Southern Cross

Founded: 1946

Service Area: North America

Projects Managed: 200+ Annually

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