Constant Vigilance: Pipeline Threat and Leak Detection

Receive alerts to immediate pipeline threats and detect activities or objects that may disrupt your operations.

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Detect and Receive Alerts to Immediate Pipeline and Infrastructure Threats

  • Oil Leak
    Hydrocarbon Leak Detection
    Continually monitor the entire length of your pipeline for hydrocarbon leaks. Receive alerts to potential leaks as they’re occurring and react quickly to mitigate risk.
  • Heart Monitor
    Right of Way Encroachments
    Clearly see new structures, farm equipment, construction, or other issues encroaching on the right of way and take immediate action.
  • Pipeline Underground
    Exposure Detection: Water Crossing Erosion/Land Movements
    Detect exposure events, land movements, erosion, or other issues that may threaten the pipeline in or around the right of way.

High Consequence Area Detection and Monitoring

  • Graph Trend Up
    Collect and analyze long-term, time-series data over your high consequence areas.
  • Magnify Eye
    Highlight areas that require more data, further investigation, or additional resources to mitigate long-term threats to infrastructure.
  • Buildings
    Clearly see change detection events including population growth, new structures, waterway erosion, land movements, land classifications, and vegetation.

Vegetation Management/Monitoring

Monitor vegetation along the length of your pipeline right of way including vegetation growth, health, and changes. Satelytics can detect foliage cover and identify species helping you determine efficient management schedules.

Environmental Health & Safety

Ensure the health and safety of your personnel, the public, and sensitive ecologies using remote sensing technology.

  • Hard Hat

    Employee Safety

    Reduce the need to send personnel into dangerous terrain using Satelytics to measure, assess, and report critical infrastructure and environmental conditions.
  • Government Building

    Regulatory Compliance

    Continuously monitor infrastructure and frequently assess remediation programs to fulfill your reporting obligations to regulatory agencies.
  • Dump Truck

    Remediation Programs

    Identify remediation needs and monitor programs to ensure effectiveness and regulatory compliance.
  • Report

    Filings, Reports, and Audits

    Satelytics collects and processes data that can be used to prepare documentation from simple filings to extensive audits for regulatory bodies.
  • Gavel

    Litigation Support

    Apply our patented algorithms to multi-spectral imagery collected as far back as 1984. The ability to process historical data has enabled our clients to apportion liability in legal cases saving substantial amounts of time, legal effort, and costly penalties.

Solve complex business and ecological challenges and ensure investments are effectively spent.

Remediation Program Monitoring

Determine the most appropriate remediation efforts, continuously monitor them for effectiveness, and adjust your monitoring to ensure effective spend, compliance, and corporate conscience.

Pipeline Routing/Refitting

Avoid sending personnel into dangerous locales and use remote sensing to help plan or refit pipelines in remote or difficult to access locations.

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