Continuous Infrastructure Monitoring for Power Utilities

Monitor your power and electricity infrastructure for vegetation management, right of way encroachments, and thermal plumes.

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Right of Way Encroachments

Continuously monitor your power infrastructure for right of way encroachments including natural debris, construction, farm equipment, or other potential obstructions that represent a danger to the public or your infrastructure. Receive alerts and respond quickly to verify and clear threats.

Vegetation Monitoring/Management

Monitor vegetation along the length of your right of way including vegetation growth, health, and changes. Satelytics can detect foliage cover and identify species helping you determine efficient management schedules.

Water Thermal Analysis

Satelytics continuously collects and compiles time series thermal plume data and can alert you to potential increases that put you at risk of regulatory fines and endangers sensitive ecologies.

Solve complex business and ecological challenges and ensure investments are effectively spent.

Remediation Program Monitoring

Determine the most appropriate remediation efforts, continuously monitor them for effectiveness, and adjust your monitoring to ensure effective spend, compliance, and corporate conscience.

Regulatory Compliance

Continuously monitor infrastructure and frequently assess remediation programs to fulfill your reporting obligations to regulatory agencies. Satelytics collects and processes data that can be used to prepare documentation for regulatory filings.

Litigation Support

Apply our patented algorithms to multi-spectral imagery collected as far back as 1984. The ability to process historical data has enabled our clients to apportion liability in legal cases saving substantial amounts of time, legal effort, and costly penalties

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