North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer Pens Letter to President Trump

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North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer Pens Letter to President Trump

Toledo, OH – March 27, 2020 – North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer sent a letter to President Donald Trump on March 18 asking him to embargo crude oil from OPEC cartel leaders Russia and Saudi Arabia. Cramer writes “foreign nations are now using the environment of the worldwide spread of COVID-19 to flood the market and cripple our domestic energy producers.” He goes on to say, “unfortunately, these bullying tactics by Russia have become the norm, but the actions of our close strategic partner Saudi Arabia are particularly concerning.”

Satelytics counts many oil producer and pipeline companies as its valued customers. Notably Satelytics has been at the center of the iPIPE consortium for three years. Satelytics’ CEO and President Sean Donegan said, “Our friends and customers in North Dakota have played a significant role in the success of our company. The oil industry is one of the core industries for families in North Dakota. I trust leadership will act and afford every opportunity to support, protect and encourage the domestic energy security of America.”

The team at Satelytics has been reaching out to all of its valued oil & gas customers to ensure them that we are 100% behind their efforts. We are thankful and support the innovative leadership in the state from Governor Burgum, Lynn Helms at the Department of Mineral Resources, the North Dakota Petroleum Council, and the Energy and Environmental Research Center, which manages the iPIPE consortium.

Satelytics Inc.,, is a cloud-based geospatial analytics software suite. Multispectral and hyperspectral imagery is gathered from satellites, UAV, planes, and fixed cameras, and processed to provide both alerts and qualitative results for our customers. Data can be gathered up to a daily basis, and results are sent to customers within hours. This includes the specific problem, location, magnitude, and even qualitative information, which minimizes cost, impact, and operational disruption for our clients.

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