Back to the Basics – Water Management

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Back to the Basics – Water Management

Action, not reaction.

  • Problem: Spring rains and temperatures affect the watershed.
  • Solution: Identify point sources of nutrient loading.
  • Benefit: Detection and quantification.

Spring has sprung! Get out the sunscreen and swimsuits, fuel up the boat, good times are ahead! Just around the corner is lake season and 3-4 months of outdoor activities!

Before we get to summer, however, we often get spring rains. Other parts of the country are going through that right now. The rain washes off the land and fills tributaries and reservoirs. With runoff comes sediment and nutrients which can cause harmful algal blooms, red tide, and water quality issues.

At our founding, Satelytics built algorithms to measure nutrient sources for the southern basin of Lake Erie, which has a storied history with water quality. We have provided measurements over entire watershed areas for water managers worldwide with accuracy that has been certified by third-party laboratories.

Examples of water quality results from Satelytics.

Examples of water quality results from Satelytics.

As you read this, the team at Satelytics is kicking off several watershed monitoring programs and continuing ongoing support for other customers in this space. We have solutions for every budget and provide point source sampling down to 0.5 m pixel squared over land and water areas.

  • One of the exciting things we are working on includes finalizing our nitrogen measurement which will be accurate in PPB concentrations on land and water.
  • This ability to detect and quantify point sources of nutrient load is what sets Satelytics apart. Too much fertilizer being applied? We can show you where.
  • Has loss of vegetation or marshland affected water quality? Satelytics' algorithms can show where filtration and remediation projects need to occur.
  • Our customers have even told us that, using our analytics, they have identified nutrient load from chemical runoff at car wash locations!

As summer temperatures and activities increase on our lakes so does the pressure on these ecosystems.

Satelytics is a powerful solution in the arsenal you employ to ensure our waters remain pristine!

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