If a Tree Falls in a Forest, Does It Make a Sound?

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If a Tree Falls in a Forest, Does It Make a Sound?

Yes, Satelytics “hears” it!

  • Problem: Monitoring forest health and growth.
  • Solution: Geospatial analytics that produce automated alerts.
  • Benefit: Improved silviculture practices, increased profits, decreased environmental impact.

The question has been posed time and again: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” While we enjoy intelligent conversation at Satelytics, we think the more pressing question is: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, how do you know to look for it? And further — What consequences could result from it going undetected?

With Satelytics, you can receive alerts and documentation about a wide variety of forest and vegetation conditions important to your bottom line. Whether you are in the forestry industry, utility vegetation management, or concerned about vegetation encroachment in other industrial sectors, Satelytics can keep an eye on your areas of interest — of any size.

We offer a number of services to forestry customers, including:

  • Remote farm plat health assessment
    • Measure tree height
    • Tree speciation
    • Tracking general forest health
    • Identify areas of poor yield
    • Optimize silviculture protocol with real-time data and alerts
  • Plan afforestation efforts — identify ideal plats for new forest planting
  • Provide harvest signals — automate mensuration procedure and harvest
  • Protect riparian buffers — receive alerts about changes in the health of protective buffer zones
  • Plan seasonal and long-term actions
  • Manage and track carbon sinks
    • Appeal to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) investors
    • Records for obtaining/selling carbon credits
Measurement of key forestry parameters.

Measurement of key forestry parameters.

Additional forestry functions.

Additional forestry functions.

Satelytics tackles the tough questions and makes solutions simple and straightforward for our customers.

With Satelytics, if a tree falls in your forest, creating a potential hazard, our software senses it and alerts you to what has happened. We’ll give you the exact location and details so remediation crews can be properly directed and prepared. They can even take Satelytics out into the field — whether an internet connection is available or not — with Satelytics for the non-connected world recording data and photos.

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