The Academy Awards for Pipelines

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The Academy Awards for Pipelines

Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards

  • Problem: Hollywood gets too much attention.
  • Solution: Awards for things that matter.
  • Benefit: Awareness of best new technologies.

A few of you are “seasoned” enough to remember the infamous line uttered by Sally Field during the 1985 Academy Awards, “You like me! You really like me!” Well, Satelytics is honored to follow in Ms. Field’s footsteps.

Last week, we were honored to be announced as one of the six finalists for the Best Digital Transformation Award by the prestigious Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards — the pipeline community’s version of the Academy Awards. Whether we are ultimately announced on November 18, 2021 as the winner or not, the old cliché is true — it is an honor just to be nominated.

Learn more about the nominees here, and learn more about Satelytics from our website, our YouTube channel, and our Vimeo channel.

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