The Word on the Street Is…

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The Word on the Street Is…

Satelytics invests in listening to our customers…here’s what we are hearing.

  • Problem: Addressing pressing industrial problems.
  • Solution: We listen and create solutions.
  • Benefit: Growing arsenal of services and solutions.

Satelytics builds tools that have an immediate business use for our customers. How do we know what challenges our customers face? We invest time and effort to listen. No phone call, email, or message goes unreturned. Below is an overview of what Satelytics’ scientists, marketers, and business development professionals have been hearing in the past weeks from existing and prospective customers in our core service markets.

Power Utilities
Utilities have an immediate need for natural gas leak detection that does not require armies of boots on the ground to patrol their distribution networks.

  • In 2020, with support from bp, our science team built the most accurate capability in the industry to passively detect and quantify methane emissions, down to single point sources. This capability is now being adopted by our utility customers as they prioritize response to gas leaks in their distribution networks. Use of this tool provides financial benefits, especially in urban areas where complex networks exist and data costs can be minimized.

Adoption of artificial intelligence-based geospatial tools for vegetation management is a new thrust for companies in 2021.

  • Satelytics uses the highest resolution imagery to provide a full suite of measurements that have been validated and allow prioritization of efforts, as well as an opportunity to get out ahead of threats.
Measuring methane concentration and flowrates.

Measuring methane concentration and flowrates.

Geohazards, subsidence, land movements, water crossings, and bank erosions have dominated our midstream conversations in recent weeks.

  • Turn-around time is driving customers to our solutions. It takes only a few hours after imagery is captured to deliver actionable alerts to customers. When land movement begins, a pipeline operator must respond immediately to prevent disaster. Satelytics’ ability to analyze archival imagery is also important to pinpoint areas where infrastructure may have been compromised.
Automatic alerts on land slips.

Automatic alerts on land slips.

Oil & Gas
The topics of ESG and greenhouse gas reduction have dominated the industry for the past two years.

  • We receive inquiries almost every week in this space. Our methane algorithm is in high demand for customers across the globe. With guaranteed accuracy down to 10 PPM and leak rate errors of less than 6% achievable, companies are seeking to pinpoint sources and audit entire asset areas with one data capture.

The oil & gas industry has communicated strong interest in tools to verify carbon uptake through forestry management. This market is experiencing exciting growth.

  • Our tools are derived from vegetation management work that has been our bread and butter over the years.

Our water and wastewater management customers are telling us that regulations are tightening worldwide.

  • The science behind Satelytics — measurement of light reflection in the infrared spectrum — was developed to serve the water industry and specifically address sources of nutrient load responsible for harmful algal blooms. Watershed management projects continue with our US customers, but significant growth has been seen in our discussions with European watershed managers. Satelytics is the only company able to passively detect and quantify phosphorous on land and water in PPB concentrations, as well as other constituents. Our results allow you to build a complete remediation plan for your watershed!
Measuring phosphorus and chlorophyll-a.

Measuring phosphorus and chlorophyll-a.

We are hearing increased interest from the specialty chemicals market as they embrace sustainability in their business as well.

  • Services applicable to our specialty chemical customers include emissions measurement, monitoring water treatment and supply, monitoring infrastructure, and legacy site assessments.

The PFAS topic continues to dominate the headlines — as well as our telephone lines!

  • We are now finalizing the ability to detect and measure PFAS in parts per trillion (PPT) concentrations, with a focus on application of tainted biosolids or residuals from AFFF firefighting foam.

Satelytics is listening intently. We solve only the problems you need solved. Call us today to explore how we can help you handle your problems and increase your bottom line!

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