An Update on Water Quality — Other Measurements

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An Update on Water Quality — Other Measurements

Satelytics measures physical water quality attributes and subaquatic vegetation.

  • Problem: Many physical factors pose threats to watersheds.
  • Solution: Quantify a host of critical factors.
  • Benefit: Accurate data for better watershed management.

We began this series with our measurements of chemical and biological constituents that affect watersheds. Satelytics’ customers have since requested other algorithms that increase the value of our water quality monitoring services and therefore deserve highlighting.

When a customer requests a new measurement, our scientists go into the field to gather samples to calibrate the new algorithm. This was the case with total suspended solids, which we now quantify in mg/L. Satelytics gives water quality experts the tools to identify sources of sediment loading to plan preventative and remediation measures. Turbidity is quantifiable in nephelometric turbidity units (NTU), and a relative sediment model can also be provided. We also offer bathymetry, tracking sediment build-up around infrastructure such as dams and canals, caused by natural or human influences.

Thermal measurements for land surface temperature and water surface temperature are quantifiable to ±1°C. Warm water promotes biological growth, another promoting agent for harmful algal blooms (HABs).

Lastly, Satelytics detects the unique spectral signatures of various surface and subaquatic vegetation. Project examples include monitoring vegetation in stormwater treatment areas and marshlands that absorb nutrients before they contaminate open waterbodies. We also speciate and quantify areas where subaquatic species like hydrilla affect reservoirs and lakes, obstructing waterways and plant cooling water intakes.

Spectral data from satellites allows for a top-down monitoring program where every square foot of a watershed area can be surveyed for numerous contaminants and physical phenomena. Forward-thinking water utilities are using our data right now. Call us today for a demonstration with real customer data.

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