BREAKING NEWS: Methane Measurements from Landsat 9

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BREAKING NEWS: Methane Measurements from Landsat 9

Paving the way for another option in methane monitoring.

  • Problem: Marriage to a single data provider limits options.
  • Solution: Stay "data agnostic."
  • Benefit: More options, lower cost, improved competitive data market.

Hot off the press!

In another first, Satelytics has now demonstrated the capability to analyze imagery from the newest member of the Landsat family. USGS opened the doors to the Landsat 9 data repository on February 10, 2022, and Satelytics has already capitalized on the opportunity by proving its merit in what we call "global methane" measurement.

This again proves the power of being data agnostic. We are able to quickly analyze data from a variety of platforms to address customer needs — a key differentiator.

At Satelytics, Global Methane is a project undertaken by one of our largest customers to use coarse-resolution imagery (such as Landsat) to feed our analytics to not only spot large methane plumes, but also direct efforts to apply more costly high-resolution imagery and analytics to areas indicated as suspect by the coarse-resolution data.

Early adopters of our methane work included bp, Anadarko, and Energy Transfer Partners. Today, utilities such as Duke Energy and Washington Gas are helping us push our capabilities even further. More data sources ultimately yield a reduction in costs to these forward-thinking customers.

Landsat 9 data is exciting to analyze because it offers three major advantages over previous Landsat generations:



1) Landsat 9 adds an orbital asset that is eight days out of phase with Landsat 8.

Landsat's coarse-resolution data is now available twice as frequently.

2) Landsat 9 carries instruments that are both radiometrically and geometrically superior to earlier generations of Landsat.

More precise data allows Satelytics algorithms to produce more accurate results.

3) Landsat 9 will downlink 14-bit data, compared to the 12-bit data offered by previous generations of Landsat.

The precision data mentioned above is transmitted more accurately to the cloud, where Satelytics goes to work.

Results produced last week from just-released Landsat 9 data.

Results produced last week from just-released Landsat 9 data.

For methane measurement expertise available only to industry customers, turn to Satelytics. Let us help you design a methane measurement program that will keep you ahead of societal, regulatory, and financial pressures.

Call us today to see how our Global Methane program can assist your company in optimizing its efforts to monitor methane emissions and meet your ESG goals.

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