Change the Cat-and-Mouse Regulation Game, Part III

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Change the Cat-and-Mouse Regulation Game, Part III

Get ahead and stay ahead with better data.

  • Problem: Ever-expanding regulations.
  • Solution: Arm yourself with better data than the regulators and NGOs.
  • Benefit: Enhance your defensible position, address problems before regulators see them.

What does the future hold for the world’s regulatory environment? I would be a wealthy man if I could predict that, but as Bob Dylan said, “things they are a-changin’.” Satelytics helps you respond to and get ahead of these changes. Our 40+ algorithms can be ready to go for new customers within a few business days.

Today, commercial satellites offer revisit frequencies up to 4-5 times per week anywhere on Earth for the highest resolution data sets, but this is just the beginning. Experts predict that revisit times will decrease in the near future to once every few minutes due to massive investment in earth observation satellites. This will bring us closer to realtime measurements. As technology advances, you can bet regulations will also advance to demand use of state-of-the-art measurements.

High-resolution satellite data with square foot pixel size is available so objects and constituents the size of a dinner plate can be detected and often quantified. And with cloud processing and analysis over vast land areas, results are ready a few hours after overpass — which means you can respond to small incidents before they become disasters.

These are exciting times, and not just for satellite sources. Satelytics is data agnostic. We process imagery from fixed-wing aircraft, drones, and even stratospheric balloons — all of which offer incredible clarity.

While the future could bring monthly requirements and quantification, with this technology and the innovation of Satelytics, our customers have nothing to fear. As we speak, our science team is developing new algorithms, meaning even more solutions for the same cost! We never delete data, allowing customers to revisit past projects with new measurements and build remediation programs from experience. The data is there to harvest, and the uses are endless. Use the best data to build up compliance programs and change the cat-and-mouse regulation game.

Regulatory goalposts are always moving. Only those who are nimble and able to adjust will succeed. Get ahead with Satelytics’ geospatial analytics.

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