Choose Your Own Adventure

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Choose Your Own Adventure

We guide clients in customizing services for maximum benefit.

  • Problem: You have unique challenges.
  • Solution: We tailor solutions to meet each client's needs.
  • Benefit: Solve multiple problems with a single solution.

Satelytics works to ensure our customers receive the best solutions, and there’s no better way to achieve this than by consulting with them to ensure our available options meet their specific needs. Therefore, factors like alert parameters and presentation are set by customers for maximum benefit. These include the following:

GIS Data. First, we ask our customers to send us their GIS data as a shapefile (.gdb, .kmz, etc.), including the footprint of the monitoring area and the location of any assets to be monitored. The files are first used to determine the cost of monitoring and later to display the specificity of alerts in their project account on This display includes customization options, such as color-coding infrastructure, allowing customers to label buried assets, overhead infrastructure, and various structures and facilities.

Buffer Zone. There are 475,000 instances of utility asset damage in the United States every year. To mitigate risk and prevent disasters, Satelytics monitors the assets themselves and a customer predetermined buffer zone for potential threats, like encroachments. For example, a tree growing alongside a transmission corridor could threaten the wire zone, should it fall. We can detect that tree before it does, so crews can safely remove it. Satelytics can also monitor vehicles, illegal activity, erosion, and more.

Frequency. We consult with our customers to jointly determine the data capture frequency required to address the problem. For vegetation monitoring, we often recommend quarterly analyses, while many in gas distribution opt for monthly or twice-monthly leak detection monitoring. Weekly monitoring is optimal for change detection, like encroachments in the right-of-way. For frequency recommendations, check out the Detailed Information resource on our website. Our professionals are also available to assist with more in-depth questions.

Alert Priority. Which alerts demand immediate attention from field personnel? Before beginning a project, our customers set priority levels for alerts, categorizing them to match their protocols and regulations — so when they receive an alert, they know where in their work queue that incident belongs. Volume, concentration, and proximity to structures influence methane and liquid leak alert priorities. Alerts to other changes are prioritized by size, proximity, and amount.

Our goal at Satelytics is to simultaneously provide as many solutions to our customers as possible. We designed our services to meet customer needs rather than expect them to adapt to a one-size-fits-all product. Each customer, each problem is unique — so the solution should be too. Are you ready for your own path to success? The choice is clear.

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