David Skidmore Joins Satelytics

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David Skidmore Joins Satelytics

Satelytics is proud to announce that David Skidmore, former Vice President of Lower Carbon Power, has accepted an advisory position with Satelytics. David will bring a wealth of knowledge in energy and energy transition strategies to our company.

David is an energy executive with over 35 years of experience across all major businesses of bp, including bp’s energy transition and their move to creating low carbon energy businesses. David’s insights into low carbon initiatives of the globe’s largest energy companies is key to helping Satelytics continue to position itself as the leader in geospatial analytics for the energy industry.

Stemming from David’s nearly 20+ years based in Europe, including Germany and the United Kingdom, and nearly 10 years as Vice President of Refining & Marketing for bp in Russia, David enhances Satelytics’ understanding of global markets and helps us push strongly into European and other overseas markets.

Satelytics continues to infuse customer perspectives into our collective corporate knowledge, resulting in a laser focus on industry needs. Call us today to see how we can help you solve multiple business challenges.

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