ESG with Ease — Both Sides of Governance

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ESG with Ease — Both Sides of Governance

Embracing the future of sustainable investing.

  • Problem: Increased demands resulting from ESG pressures.
  • Solution: Back your words and policies with accurate data as proof.
  • Benefit: Lead the industry, stay ahead of regulations and board pressures.

I recall my parents often saying during my formative years, “There are two sides to every story!” usually in response to a sibling dispute. The same can be said of governance.

We can look at governance from two angles:

  1. from a company’s internal workings, focused outward, and
  2. from the “outside looking in” position of regulatory bodies and capital investors.

Addressing the former, new technology like advanced geospatial analytics can simultaneously benefit a company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts and its bottom line long before regulators and investors force a change. Let’s look at how benefits arise from our customers’ perspectives.

Inside, Looking Out

The loss of product due to infrastructure damage is one of many problems Satelytics works to prevent, detect, and measure. For a natural gas utility, one damage incident has multiple consequences: (a) loss of product sale, (b) increased risk to the public when combustible gas is released, and (c) potential for increased oversight by regulators. These costs can all be avoided by employing Satelytics’ early detection methods. We’ve seen the same in the oil & gas and midstream sectors.

Satelytics also works with watershed managers seeking to combat harmful algal blooms triggered by nutrient loading before water supplies are affected. This data could be shared with surrounding farmers, who unknowingly buy and apply too much fertilizer. Wise use of resources, sharing results with your neighbor, and transparency contribute positively to improved relationships with those looking in from the outside.

Outside, Looking In

On the external side, the results of Satelytics’ Constant Vigilance™ algorithms are being used to support regulatory compliance reporting and enhance public approval. Recently, we presented on behalf of a customer wrongly accused of conducting a haphazard emissions program. Those in attendance included NGOs, civic bodies, and the public. Our advanced monitoring results were eye-opening and focused the discussion on real data rather than blind and vague finger-pointing — which is all too common!

Satelytics’ results feed our customers’ ESG efforts with a new perspective on infrastructure monitoring — including both sides of governance.

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