ESG with Ease — Emissions

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ESG with Ease — Emissions

Boost ESG efforts with emission measurements.

  • Problem: Meeting ESG and emissions compliance goals.
  • Solution: Measure leaks for accurate remediation & documentation.
  • Benefit: Defeat the anti-industry narrative.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG): it’s all over the headlines these days. This is a broad topic, but geospatial analytics can put it in perspective. Methane and carbon dioxide are at the forefront of the ESG push and greenhouse gas conversations.


Satelytics detects and measures methane emissions as low as 250 ppm•x•m and 9 kg/hr within 4 meters of its source. Prioritizing leaks according to flow rate, proximity to structures, and other metrics are all possible with Satelytics. These capabilities are utilized by gas utilities and the oil & gas industry to drive leak detection, repair programs, and feed compliance programs, producing documented proof of emissions reduction.

Our customers offset this highly accurate measurement tool with course-resolution satellite imagery for spotting methane super emitting leaks, which offers detection on a regular frequency. Our preprocessing steps can gather data from numerous sources to provide accurate alerts to threats facing large infrastructure areas. For methane, this entails gathering data from high- and low-resolution satellites, as well as drone and fixed-wing platforms, and comparing each of these measurements on a single dashboard.

Carbon Dioxide

We are constantly pushing to expand our capabilities and measurements — and the case of GHG detection and quantification is no different. As hyperspectral sensors become more readily available, we expect to release a CO2 measurement and complimentary full gas speciation module in the coming months.

Good Neighbors

An ancient adage states, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hands to do so.” I think this sums up ESG nicely — do the best you can with the tools (geospatial analytics) available to you, then share the results with those who would benefit.

The benefits aren’t limited to only Satelytics’ customers (though the primary concern is naturally internal). Our clients use our data to be good neighbors, alerting their counterparts to methane emissions from water/wastewater, malfunctioning boilers and furnaces, and even industrial releases, just like the ancient adage says!

Satelytics provides 40+ algorithms that can be simultaneously run on a single set of imagery. In the coming installments of this ESG-centered series, we will expand beyond GHGs to look at what other geospatial outputs can benefit your ESG programs.

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