Gas Utilities: What Is Your 2nd Biggest Challenge?

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Gas Utilities: What Is Your 2nd Biggest Challenge?

Address multiple challenges in tandem with your primary one.

  • Problem: Utilities face many challenges.
  • Solution: Satelytics addresses multiple challenges simultaneously.
  • Benefit: Increased savings and benefits.

Those shopping for a geospatial analytics solution usually find us because they are trying to address a primary business challenge. They often become customers because Satelytics prefers to not only address that primary challenge, but a secondary, tertiary, etc. — with the same set of data and no significant additional cost. This is the beauty of Satelytics, and the driver behind our exceptional growth in the past few years.

Satelytics’ methane algorithm has rapidly grown in popularity with gas utilities. What was once a laborious process that involved walking or driving large geographical areas with sensors is now a rapid sweep — with alerts available within a few hours. We alert our customers to leaks, including flow rates and source location.

A secondary challenge for gas utilities is determining the state of construction projects within their service territory so they know when to install infrastructure and begin services. Satelytics’ change detection algorithms can alert users about land clearing, basement excavation, foundation building, framing, roof installation, and landscaping for residential and commercial projects. This allows our utility customers to stage materials and plan workloads and frees up personnel for other tasks instead of driving around for routine monitoring. Additionally, risks and vehicle costs are reduced — offsetting the implementation of Satelytics.

Our gas utility customers also use change detection to alert to areas that are prone to flooding and subsidence, which present points of weakness for buried pipes. Additionally, we alert to vegetation changes, illegal construction, digging, and vehicle encroachments.

What primary challenge is your company seeking to address? Why not also consider the additional challenges? Call us to see how Satelytics can address all three, four, ten... For a single cost.

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