Implementing Satelytics Together

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Implementing Satelytics Together

Our Professional Services team is with you all the way.

  • Problem: Implementing new technology.
  • Solution: The expertise of our Professional Services team.
  • Benefit: Maximize benefits & better understand how to use your data.

Being a provider of disruptive technology is exciting but sometimes overwhelming. Satelytics’ onboarding process, led by our Professional Services team, ensures everyone involved is on the same page and knowledgeable of alerts, areas of interest, software tools, and more.

Here are some examples of how Professional Services use their expertise to provide invaluable assistance.

Implementing Alerts. Take it from me, a former customer: Satelytics alerts you to the presence of events and risks you never knew existed. This can be a lot to digest, given limited employee resources and entrenched workflows. The Professional Services team works to create a smooth implementation plan. For example, we can group leak alerts by location into quadrants and classification, so response teams aren’t driving to and fro without optimized routing. The team also establishes which of your employees receive alerts and how they receive them.

Data Analytics. The Professional Services team guides the incorporation of geospatial analytics into your data analytics program. This could be layering various algorithms like vegetation speciation, tree height, and lateral encroachments as the primary interest, with others such as 3rd party encroachments or state of construction alerts.

Satelytics’ Professional Services team is here to ensure you squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of your geospatial data. As we often say, if you are going to buy satellite data, why not share the expense across as many different business groups and challenges as possible? Satelytics’ professionals will assist every step of the way.

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