Insurance That Works for You

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Insurance That Works for You

Satelytics’ Constant Vigilance™ is the best policy.

  • Problem: Accidents increase insurance premiums.
  • Solution: Invest in preventative technology.
  • Benefit: Avoid unnecessary costs.

Insurance. Do you need it? Yes. Do you like to think about it? Probably not.

Satelytics serves industries that face high levels of risk, and it’s something we take seriously. All too frequently, our conversations with customers are about routine inspection and maintenance accidents or even deaths. Our customers know that keeping their employees safe is well worth the cost of Satelytics.

With Satelytics’ Constant Vigilance™ suite, vast asset areas can be regularly monitored for an extensive range of threats over land and water without sending anyone into the field. From the concentrated operations of chemical plants, mines, and oil well pads to the expansive infrastructure and assets of power utilities, pipelines, watersheds, and forests, Satelytics analyzes high-resolution satellite imagery for early detection and location of threats — all in a matter of hours after data capture.

In delivering actionable results, Satelytics directs your employees and contracted crews only where needed, with all the details at their fingertips. This results in no surprises in the field, and remediation can take place more quickly with minimal risk. Additionally, early detection and remediation reduce other costly consequences — loss of product, impacts on the environment, and increased scrutiny from regulators, NGOs, and the public. And, of course, employing Satelytics can decrease insurance premiums.

Satelytics’ Constant Vigilance™ goes above and beyond regulation requirements, displaying to insurers, regulators, and the rest of the world that our customers are responsible and proactive in preventing accidents and disasters. Employing Satelytics equally benefits insurers with fewer claims and reduced claim liability.

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