Oil & Gas: What Is Your 2nd Biggest Challenge?

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Oil & Gas: What Is Your 2nd Biggest Challenge?

Address multiple challenges in tandem with your primary one.

  • Problem: Oil & gas faces many challenges.
  • Solution: Satelytics addresses multiple challenges simultaneously.
  • Benefit: Increased savings and benefits.

Those shopping for a geospatial analytics solution usually find us because they are trying to address a primary business challenge. They often become customers because Satelytics prefers to not only address that primary challenge, but a secondary, tertiary, etc. — with the same set of data and no significant additional cost. This is the beauty of Satelytics, and the driver behind our exceptional growth in the past few years.

A prospective upstream customer recently spoke with one of my colleagues about our methane quantification algorithm. Satelytics monitors large asset areas for methane leaks, providing both concentration and flow rate of plumes within four meters of the leak source. This customer stands to see a large financial benefit to fix leaks and keep product moving to customers — not to mention the environmental benefits. This is a great solution for any asset manager in and of itself.

As the conversation continued, my colleague asked what the customer’s second biggest challenge was. They replied that illegal hot tapping is a big issue in the basin where they operate, accounting for a double-digit percentage loss of their natural gas product. Satelytics monitors for illegal hot tapping for many customers worldwide through our change detection algorithms, detecting encroachments, cover loss, vegetation changes, presence of hydrocarbons, subsidence, and more.

This was an eye-opener, changing the business proposition. The customer replied that even addressing just a small percentage of illegal hot tapping instances would offset the cost of Satelytics, and this is a secondary challenge! The end of this conversation was a commitment to build a two-pronged project addressing both methane quantification and change detection with Satelytics’ Constant VigilanceTM algorithms.

This is just one instance for upstream use; it works the same for all the sectors served by Satelytics. What primary challenge is your company seeking to address? Why not also consider the additional challenges? Call us to see how Satelytics can address all three, four, ten... For a single cost.

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