"Poking Around" Is So 1980

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"Poking Around" Is So 1980

Prioritize employees and get the job done.

  • Problem: Cost-ineffective scouting for problems with expert field crews.
  • Solution: Thorough, more efficient monitoring with geospatial analytics.
  • Benefit: Send experts only where they're needed.

I recently spoke with a customer who is adapting their monitoring routine to incorporate Satelytics alerts. As the pervasive staffing challenge continues, finding ways to do more with your current workforce is even more important. Geospatial analytics allows you to send your people and resources to only those locations requiring immediate attention. The old way of “poking around” by sending field crews on regular scouting missions to look for problems in the field is so 1980!

I speak from experience as a former customer. In 2018, I led the Satelytics portion of a larger program investigating emerging technologies to identify and prevent liquid hydrocarbon and produced water leaks in the Bakken oil-producing region of North Dakota. Regulators recognized Satelytics’ approach as an approved method of routine monitoring of well pads and gathering pipeline systems. The success of the program spread to the Permian, with the goal of finding leaks as soon as they began and reducing miles driven for field personnel.

It was a double win for operators: Satelytics found leaks that had been otherwise imperceptible to SCADA systems and directed response crews to these locations. It was no longer necessary for crews to drive from location to location, physically looking for threats on a set frequency. With Satelytics, field response is driven by events requiring action, not routine scouting needs.

This scenario plays out similarly for all the industries served by Satelytics. Our “bread and butter” offerings of change detection can alert infrastructure managers to environmental and human influence in and around asset areas. This could be vegetation encroachments, vehicles, illegal construction, erosion, invasive species, etc. All detections include precise coordinates. Our mobile app works even in remote locations where connectivity may be lacking.

Satelytics pushes the envelope by quantifying numerous chemicals, biological substances, and metals on land and water. Detection is important for response, but quantification helps customers prioritize when and where to roll trucks and what resources are needed.

Let Satelytics do the scouting, and let your field teams focus on addressing problems we find. Your company’s checkbook will thank you.

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