The 411 on Measurements

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The 411 on Measurements

Go beyond detection.

  • Problem: Resources wasted because of poor information.
  • Solution: Actionable alerts + quantification with Satelytics.
  • Benefit: Send your experts only where needed, armed with actionable information.

At Satelytics, we go beyond detection to provide our clients with quantifiable results and actionable alerts. But what does that mean?

We believe the difference is in the details, which is why we work to get them to you and your team, so you know exactly what you’re responding to when you receive an alert. These details include the specific problem, magnitude, exact location, and — in many cases — quantification.

Satelytics quantifies constituents on land, water, and in air:

When you have all the details at your fingertips, action can promptly be taken. Staff and resources can be swiftly allocated — and only where needed. No wasted time, no wasted money.

  • Direct experts only to where they are needed, fully armed with actionable information
  • Substantiate ESG, internal, and/or regulatory reports
  • Document climate goals and steps to reach net-zero
  • Apply for carbon offsets or credits
  • Provide insurers with a clearer picture, thus attaining better rates and coverage

Measurements are available with a few clicks, and what you do with your data is entirely up to you. Satelytics does not sell, delete, or share your data — so the only organization benefiting from your data is yours.

With quantification, the possibilities increase exponentially. Let us know how Satelytics can improve your operations with measurement.

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