The Heat Is On

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The Heat Is On

Let Satelytics sweat the small stuff.

  • Problem: Wildfires sparked by vegetation and infrastructure.
  • Solution: Actionable alerts within hours.
  • Benefit: Wildfire prevention.

Whether assembling the Death Star or a Christmas cottage, there’s one constant of building a Lego® set: the more pieces it has, the more likely your eyes will miss one. Even now, you can picture the pieces, scattered across the floor in various piles in front of you. There’s one little piece you need to continue, and you just can’t find it.

The problem is that the missing piece looks a lot like other pieces in front of you, camouflaging the desired Lego® — much like the diseased ash tree in your transmission corridor, nestled in amongst perfectly healthy ones. With rising temperatures and increasing drought around the world adding to the risk of wildfires, finding the diseased tree is unquestionably important, but you’re essentially looking for a match amidst countless miles of corridor.

Satelytics was designed to find a needle — or in this case, a match — in a haystack. Using high-resolution satellite imagery, Satelytics can monitor your entire asset area and alert you to a host of risks.

From one set of data, Satelytics alerts utilities to:

Additional benefits of employing Satelytics include:

As the saying goes, “time is of the essence.” With climate conditions worldwide encouraging fires to rage farther and longer, preventing the ones we can is critical for the lives of innumerable customers, employees, and loved ones. Let Satelytics sweat the small stuff and help you find problem spots.

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