The Pillars of Satelytics — A Software Company

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The Pillars of Satelytics — A Software Company

Satelytics is Software as a Service.

  • Problem: IT security often prevents use of new installed software.
  • Solution: With Satelytics SaaS platform, there is nothing to install.
  • Benefit: Easily-adopted software technology that provides actionable alerts.

Satelytics was founded to provide actionable alerts to customers facing threats across large asset areas. When I first introduce Satelytics, I summarize the “Pillars” of Satelytics — the “what, why, and how.” Today we talk about our software, the essence of Satelytics.

“Satelytics is a software company,” is how I begin every presentation. Specifically, we are Software as a Service (SaaS), a subscription or project-based service. From a single analysis to regular monitoring, the project cost is determined before you spend a penny, so there are no surprises. We do not charge user license fees because we want you to use your data in as many ways as possible. This is also why we designed our 40+ algorithms to run in parallel on a single set of data.

Satelytics is cloud-hosted, web-based software. There is nothing to install on your internal networks. The software, its functions, and your data are stored in the cloud. Satelytics operates on the industry-leading AWS cloud, giving our customers peace of mind in this age of rampant cyber-attacks. We employ two-factor authentication and provide individual and unique login credentials for unlimited representatives of the customer’s company. The cloud provides unlimited processing and storage capacity, perfect for our platform since Satelytics analyzes extensive data sets.

Perpetual storage is another perk of doing business with Satelytics. Whether a customer engages in one or one hundred projects with us, we keep their data until they request its removal. This means that we can run newly-developed algorithms on old data. It also offers a documented record in the event of future litigation, which is all too common for many of the industries Satelytics serves.

Satelytics’ SaaS platform allows us to provide our customers the solutions they need. Call us to learn how you can benefit from multiple algorithms, unlimited users, and unlimited cloud storage today with Satelytics.

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