The Pillars of Satelytics — Actionable Alerts

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The Pillars of Satelytics — Actionable Alerts

Get all the details a few hours after satellite overpass.

  • Problem: Slow processing of data leads to unchecked events.
  • Solution: Satelytics provides actionable alerts with specificity within hours.
  • Benefit: Address problems before they become catastrophes.

Today, a high-resolution satellite image can be obtained anywhere on earth daily. This is an opportunity to gather data over large asset areas that is being realized by forward-thinking companies worldwide.

Satelytics does not gather imagery — we leave that to satellite companies and remote sensing aircraft companies. But after the sensor captures spectral data, the clock starts ticking for Satelytics to get actionable alerts to our customers. If alerts are provided well after an event — weeks, months, etc. — they are useless. Satelytics exists to solve challenges in the here and now!

After imagery is captured, the data is downlinked from the satellite to ground stations. These are large datasets, often measured in terabytes, that satellite infrastructure is equipped to quickly transfer from space to the cloud for processing. Once the raw data is in the cloud, Satelytics runs QA/QC checks to look for distortions and obstructions — like clouds — and then our Constant Vigilance™ algorithms go to work. Our customers receive alerts a few hours after the satellite overpass, detailing the problem, specific location, and additional information — including measurements and severity.

Satelytics goes above and beyond mere detection with geospatial analytics. Many of our algorithms provide quantification, letting you know what chemical, biological, or metal constituents are present in your asset areas and how much is there. Satelytics can also measure land movements, erosion, and other geohazards, in addition to various liquid and methane leaks.

Together, this condensed turnaround time and detailed measurements make our alerts actionable, leading our customers directly to their problems before they become disasters — with all the details at their fingertips. Satelytics saves customers millions in clean-up and remediation costs through accurate, early detection. Call us today to explore what actionable alerts can be delivered to your company to help you avoid disaster.

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