Uncertainty: A Top Industry Challenge

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Uncertainty: A Top Industry Challenge

What and where are your pain points?

  • Problem: Uncertainty is a top challenge.
  • Solution: Accurate detection and quantification decrease uncertainty.
  • Benefit: Limit risks, address issues quickly with accurate prioritization.

What are your industry’s top challenges? This question was posed to a utility executive in an interview I saw recently. It got me thinking about what our customers would say. Both answers could be summed up with one word: uncertainty.

Uncertainty takes many forms for the industries we serve: changes in business climate, supply chain issues, inflation, digitalization trends, new technology, labor force, etc. These challenges present unknowns that can be difficult to address. Satelytics can help reduce uncertainty surrounding physical assets and drive operational improvements.

I like to think of applying Satelytics as a two-step process. The first step is identifying where uncertainty (risk) is greatest. Some customers come to us with a pre-defined area of interest (AOI), while others work with our Professional Services team to carefully map out their AOI. The second step is building a monitoring program with the right algorithms applied to the right areas, an idea upon which we expand in the next article in this series.

Satelytics’ spatially-accurate algorithms point to asset areas where risk is greatest. These could include holding ponds, tree-lined transmission lines, isolated well pads, railways, etc. Uncertainties and risks can be identified through our change detection capabilities, like encroachments, land movements, and illegal construction. They may also be identified via various leak, metal, chemical, and biological algorithms.

Satelytics’ algorithms analyze high-resolution data to identify these areas. Our customers can choose alert thresholds, specific alert levels, color schemes, etc. The results can be viewed on our web-hosted platform, satelytics.io, or passed through an API to feed customers’ existing business software. This data facilitates customer prioritization of identified issues.

Uncertainty comes in many forms, but Satelytics builds confidence in your monitoring program by accurately identifying threats to your assets and operations. Satelytics combats uncertainty by providing customers with the data needed to make informed decisions. What challenges can we help your organization address?

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