UVM the Satelytics Way — Part 4

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UVM the Satelytics Way — Part 4

Ensure you got what you paid for with work verification.

  • Problem: Verifying UVM work completion.
  • Solution: Satelytics observes your entire AOI.
  • Benefit: Sleep easy knowing nothing was missed.

You rely on contracted tree cutters, mowers, and herbicide applicators for vegetation removal. But how do you know the work was completed and done correctly? Satelytics can complete this work verification step without sending people into the field, surveying your entire asset area instead of just a random sampling.

Satelytics tasks high-resolution (0.5-meter pixels or better) commercial satellites to monitor our customers’ infrastructure and assets. This allows flexible survey scheduling. If vegetation crews complete one circuit in May and another in November, work verification can be completed after each. We’ll alert you to encroachments after pruning, changes in growth and decline, species identification, health after herbicide application, and more.

After several cycles of work verification analyses are completed, trends like growth rate by species or area start to emerge, driving further refinement of where and when work efforts are focused. In instances where remediation is required by regulators or landowners, the release of a financial bond is often tied to verification of the vegetation health and regrowth of an area — another application for remote sensing techniques.

Amidst the data revolution, forward-thinking companies are looking to glean insights from multiple platforms to drive safety efforts and cost savings. Satelytics can be another piece of that puzzle.

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