Water/Wastewater: What Is Your 2nd Biggest Challenge?

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Water/Wastewater: What Is Your 2nd Biggest Challenge?

Address multiple challenges in tandem with your primary one.

  • Problem: Your industry faces many challenges.
  • Solution: Satelytics addresses multiple challenges simultaneously.
  • Benefit: Increased savings and benefits.

Those shopping for a geospatial analytics solution usually find us because they are trying to address a primary business challenge. They often become customers because Satelytics prefers to not only address that primary challenge, but a secondary, tertiary, etc. — with the same set of data and no significant additional cost. This is the beauty of Satelytics, and the driver behind our exceptional growth in the past few years.

Nutrient loading in the watershed is the primary challenge for Satelytics’ water customers. It is an age-old problem, as human development increasingly affects the watershed surrounding rivers and waterbodies. Satelytics was founded to serve the water/wastewater industry and address this very threat. Today, Satelytics’ Constant VigilanceTM algorithms can provide many measurements, benefiting multiple business groups within your company for a single cost.

Here are some examples of geospatial analyses that are benefiting our watershed customers and tackling their secondary challenges:

Our science and AI professionals built some of these algorithms at the request of our valued water customers who were already using our nutrient loading algorithms. Each algorithm is calibrated in the field to ensure accuracy. Satellite imagery provides the ability to survey large watershed areas in a matter of minutes at a customer-determined frequency — either regularly or in response to an environmental event. Analyses are returned in a few hours after data capture, with every pixel measured every time.

What primary challenge is your company seeking to address? Why not also consider the additional challenges? Call us to see how Satelytics can address all three, four, ten... For a single cost.

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