With a Little Help from Our Friends

• Water & Wastewater

With a Little Help from Our Friends

Collaborating with Arcadis to provide results.

  • Problem: Ensuring industry-specific solutions are on-target.
  • Solution: Team with experts who apply our solutions to specific problems.
  • Benefit: Solutions that impact your bottom line.

At Satelytics, science is our difference, and we always welcome the chance to demonstrate our capabilities. We teamed up with Arcadis to publish an article in the National Groundwater Association’s journal, Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation, exploring the advancement of sensor technology in remediation efforts. In this article, Arcadis and Satelytics discuss work in which Satelytics is engaged with a large southern U.S. water management district as an illustrative case study that shows exciting new applications of this technology.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Arcadis and absorb their extensive knowledge of the water/wastewater industry. This collaboration is already leading to further development of algorithms for our customers in the water/wastewater sector. Collaboration with experts like Arcadis and other industry leaders allows us to accurately target the prioritized concerns of our customers, ensuring our services and solutions directly address their most vexing business challenges.

Read our article, “The Rapid Advancement of Environmental Sensors in Remediation” (note: a subscription wall exists).

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