Don't Be Picky, Be Data Agnostic

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Don't Be Picky, Be Data Agnostic

Satelytics analyzes data from a variety of sources.

  • Problem: Limited data sources.
  • Solution: A data agnostic approach.
  • Benefit: Unending solutions.

Unlike picky eaters at the dinner table, Satelytics' algorithms are not particular about the platform from which the data is captured. Our Constant Vigilance™ algorithms have processed multispectral and hyperspectral data from drones, airplanes, satellites, fixed cameras, and even stratospheric balloons. We refer to this as being “data agnostic.”

What Source of Data Does Satelytics Use?

Satelytics' algorithms measure light reflectance (spectroscopy) on land, water, and in the air, detecting and quantifying substances and phenomena of interest. With the precision of spectroscopy and the flexibility of ingesting data from any platform, our capabilities seek to maximize the reach of your monitoring program and wring every bit of value from its budget.

Don’t confine your data to one corner of your organization. Pay for it once, then put it to work solving challenges for multiple business groups, sharing the cost among many complementary business functions.

If your utility company possesses a strong drone program for inspecting transmission and distribution hardware, why not run analytics on the same data in parallel for vegetation management or land movements in the right-of-way (ROW)?

In the watershed management sector, satellite imagery is analyzed to detect subaquatic vegetation and measure nutrient and sediment loading in waterbodies, as well as monitoring for changes and encroachments on reservoirs — illegal docks, dam integrity, and shoreline erosions.

What Market Segments Do Satelytics Address?

A larger variety of sensor platforms to choose from creates ever-increasing opportunities to gather data for monitoring projects. One set of data from any suitable platform can be used to address multiple business challenges across your organization. What are your pain points? Whether two, ten, or twenty, Satelytics has a solution for you!

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