Ensuring Good Data

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Ensuring Good Data

Satelytics ensures quality from start to finish.

  • Problem: Starting with quality data.
  • Solution: Careful quality control.
  • Benefit: Better data, results.

Satelytics is in the business of providing actionable alerts to our customers’ most pressing challenges — and it all begins with quality data. Some of the most common questions we get surround the raw datasets our algorithms analyze. Let’s answer the top three questions we get about raw data:

“Is every image you receive a good one?”

Satelytics performs quality control preprocessing to ensure only imagery that is usable moves on to analysis. While satellite sensors pass over many locations on a regular frequency, environmental conditions like cloud cover can interfere with image capturing. In other instances, where customers supply us with imagery they have gathered with a drone or plane, the sensor used may have needed calibrating or a geo-positioning base file adjustment.

Can Satelytics Use My Drone Data?

“Do we pay for imagery that is not usable?”

No. For any Satelytics project, you only pay once the algorithms are run and alerts are posted to our cloud-hosted platform. If the raw data does not meet expectations, then it is rejected and we source data at the next possible instance.

“When will good imagery be available?”

There is opportunity to gather high-resolution imagery every day for nearly every location on earth. So if cloud cover obstructs imagery on the scheduled capture date, we’ll source imagery again the next day and so on, until clear imagery is obtained. Because we are data agnostic, we are not tied to any single vendor, giving us greater opportunity to collect raw data. We source data from satellites, drones, manned flights, fixed cameras, and more to run our algorithms on.

How Often Can Satelytics Capture and Analyze Data?

Satelytics provides alerts to threats facing large asset areas. The sourcing of data and ensuring its quality are parts of the geospatial analysis process you never have to worry about.

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