Get Ahead, Stay Ahead

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Get Ahead, Stay Ahead

Satelytics alerts to threats in this ever-changing world.

  • Problem: Constant change.
  • Solution: Extensive asset monitoring.
  • Benefit: Decrease risk, damages.

As the season changes from summer to fall, we are reminded that the world around us is always in flux. Leaves change color and fall, fields are harvested, school starts up, construction projects wrap: seasonal change is hard to miss. But what about less obvious changes?

That is where Satelytics comes in. We are focused on delivering actionable alerts to threats to our customers’ assets. Let’s talk a little deeper about the keywords of this statement:

Focused. Satelytics’ algorithms process high-resolution (30-50 cm) imagery. You cannot measure what you can’t see, so course 30-meter or 100-meter resolution imagery won’t enable detection of small objects and changes.

What Source of Data Does Satelytics Use?

Actionable alerts. Raw imagery, gathered from satellites or other sensors, is rapidly analyzed by our Constant VigilanceTM algorithms. Alerts are delivered hours after imagery is captured, and are viewable on any form factor — smart phone, tablet, and desktop. Results are also accessible in the field with our mobile application.

How Quickly is Data Transformed into Actionable Alerts?

Threats. Satelytics alerts our customers to a myriad of threats before they become disasters, including vehicles, land movements, construction, illegal activity, vegetation growth and encroachments, agricultural activities, liquid and methane leaks, and more.

What Can Satelytics Measure?

Whether seasonal or random, we know assets constantly face threats that can disrupt energy delivery. Get ahead and stay ahead of this changing world with Satelytics. Schedule a demonstration today!

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